Buy the books you want, don’t steal them.

Buy the books you want, don’t steal them.

Looking on the web last night, I was appalled to see how many pirated editions there are of our Sacred Band Stepsons books and stories, from “Beyond Sanctuary” to the various Thieves’ World(R) volumes.  Shame on those pirates and their customers, taking food out of the mouths of the rescue animals we try to husband.  Trying to stick it to the corporations?  Find a way that doesn’t harm writers to do so.

For ourselves, we’ve found a solution, we hope — for a while:  our “Author’s Cut” editions.  If you have a pirated “Beyond Sanctuary” or “Wake of the Riddler” or any of our other six Sacred Band novels and eleven stories, you DON’T have the current edition, much revised and expanded from the 20th century volumes.

Will the public buy the Author’s Cut books, rather than steal them?   Will the pirates loot our intellectual property — again?

Maybe, but we put it to you:  book piracy hurts everyone.  Buy the books you want, don’t steal them.

Janet Morris and Chris Morris