Sacred Band Character of the Week: Shamshi


Shamshi is a military character in the Sacred Band of Stepsons fictional universe and in the Thieves’ World shared fictional universe. The illegitimate son of Datan, the Nisibisi sorcerer, and Adrastus Ajami’s Mygdonian wife, Shamshi falls under the sway of Black Nisibis early in life, helping his father trap and hold the Froth Daughter, Jihan, during Tempus’s assault on Wizardwall. Bold and willful, Shamshi takes part in several plots aimed at the destruction of the Sacred Band of Stepsons until he is taken hostage first by Askelon of Meridian, and then by Tempus at the end of the Wizard Wars. Niko, Tempus’s partner, pleads to take the boy to Bandara where he can be trained as a secular adept, and Tempus relents and allows it. Niko brings Shamshi and two other trainees of his back to Lemuria just before the Battle of Chaeronea, after which the Sacred Band, including Shamshi, travel to Sanctuary. There Shamshi falls once more under the influence of Askelon, lord of dreams, and deserts the Sacred Band, becoming first a sniper set on vengeance and later a pawn of the angry Fates, who use an ancient poison to transform Shamshi and, through him, make an end to much of the evil he embraces.

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The Sacred Band, the mythic novel copyright (c) 2010 by Janet Morris and Chris Morris

The Sacred Band, the mythic 21st century novel about the Sacred Band of Stepsons by Janet Morris and Chris Morris.

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The Sacred Band of Stepsons in Military in Fiction

The Sacred Band of Stepsons in Military in Fiction

Some have asked for maps and specifics suitable for gamers.  Although we have no map to post today, there is a great deal of valuable information about battles, events, and military aspects of the Sacred Band of Stepsons novels on Freebase’s “Military in Fiction” domain.  Here is the link:

The Sacred Band flies high on

The Sacred Band flies high on

Visit the Sacred Band of Stepsons universe on Freebase

Today we realized we hadn’t posted any of the wonderful links to Sacred Band of Stepsons quotes, characters, events, and more on Freebase.  Rather than beginning with the “Sacred Band of Stepsons domain,” which can be a bit overwhelming, we’d like to share the “Sacred Band of Stepsons universe” page on this wonderful site.




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