Review – Storm Seed – Janet & Chris Morris #Fantasy

We have had some wonderful reviews over the years, for many books we loved writing. But no reviewer has ever topped A.L. Butcher’s ability to absorb, metabolize, and reassert the values and tensions in a novel. In this novel, the most experimental of the Sacred Band novels, set where humanity has nearly destroyed its world, Butcher reached into our souls and recast cause into effect so completely that we want to read the book again, keeping in mind the Wisdom of the Reader that Butcher brings the stories she reads. Thank you, Alex Butcher, who has proved to be as much a Sacred Bander as any of us.

Library of Erana

Storm Seed is the penultimate Sacred Band novel and it’s all you’d expect from Janet and Chris Morris – dark in places, complex and multi-layered, exciting and full of action, sad and yet joyous. As with all of these novels it’s not for the faint-hearted, those who like an ‘easy read’ or those who don’t understand the nuances and lyricism of these two writers. This novel ties up many of the plotlines from previous books; the complex relationships between the Sacred Band members, estranged though they are; the re-emergence of old enemies and old bonds; the reaffirming of loyalty and friendship and, of course, a great big fight😊

What I love most are the characters in these novels. Nikodemos, especially, is such a wonderful creation. He’s the most human, the most troubled and the most courageous. Of all the characters Niko loses the most, but is, perhaps, the only one…

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