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5.0 out of 5 stars An epic series to rival Stephen Donaldson at his best, 31 May 2016
This review is from: The Golden Sword (The Silistra Quartet Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
The Golden Sword continues the exploration of moral dilemmas in a world populated by people whose philosophies and beliefs are very different to our own. A place where society’s main focus is on the restoration of their race’s genetic vitality and exuberance.
Reenter Estri – High Couch of Silistra. Having completed the “chaledra of the mother” – a journey to find her godlike father – Estri returns to Silistra under very different circumstances than when she left. At a whim – it would seem – she has been plucked from a position of reverence and power, and reduced to nothing more than a chaldless slave. But why?
Thus begins a voyage laden with intrigue and revelations, where we discover more, much more than petty politics and interplanetary shenanigans are involved. It would appear that even the Shapers – the creators of events and reality – have an interest in Estri’s future.
To reveal why would spoil what lies in store, but suffice to say, you will be drawn into the turmoils Estri faces; share them and experience them as if they were your own.
As I’ve often emphasized, my favorite reading involves stories that are as complex as they are involved; stories where the author takes the threads of their tale and weaves them over time into a rich tapestry of involved, mature dialect and stimulating plots; where the characters of the protagonists and antagonists are allowed to evolve through trials both subtle and challenging. (Stephen Donaldson – a true wordsmith of our times – springs to mind with his immortalized character, Thomas Covenant).
In “The Golden Sword” you have it all. Morris has created an epic series to rival Donaldson at his best and something that will make a welcome addition to any discerning reader’s bookshelf.
The Golden Sword, second novel in Morris’ Silistra Quartet, is available in digital editions as well as deluxe trade paperback and hardcover from Amazon and wherever fine books and digital editions are sold.

The Golden Sword by Janet Morris, #2 in the Silistra Quartet


Join us on Silistra, a planet where biology creates reality, and the war of the sexes never ends…

Janet Morris’ classic series, now available in new Author’s Cut editions from Perseid Press:

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