A Week with the Dragon Eaters – M Harold Page

M Harold Page gives his unique viewpoint on writing for Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters

Library of Erana

Character questions (choose from):

*Who are you? M Harold Page – Martin Harold Page, but I share that name with an English folk singer and a French YA writer, hence the M.

Where are you from? (Tell us about it) Edinburgh, Scotland. The place is like a year-round SF Con, with writers underfoot in the bars, and oddly dressed people coming and going carrying poorly concealed medieval weapons – I once spotted a part-time Viking on my street; he had a daneaxe wrapped in brown paper and parcel tape.

*Tell us about dragons in your world. Big, scary, [spoiler redacted].

What is the political system of your world? 17th-18th century mixed. The city where the action happens is probably a republic run by guilds. However, one character is a duchess and actually rules a duchy, and the protagonist comes from the Godless Delta where they practice radical democracy.

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